Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Rhyme and Reason

This blog will last 504 hours. Then, it will self-destruct - maybe. From the minute I post this blog, twenty one days will transpire, during which I seek change. I hope to shape my identity and habits and personality for the better. I hope to eradicate the flaws in my nature, the entropy in my selfhood.

Twenty one days, they say, is the time it takes to form new tendencies. It is the length of time needed for a person to rewire themselves and forge that foundation of a new character. And so today I embark on my own twenty one day trial - a trial which many before me have experimented with - with large problems, but larger hopes.

I will, shortly, post on the parts of myself I wish to change, and also the course I will take to bring change about. In a broad view, I am unhappy with my body, my dietary habits, my habits, my lack of social experiences, my unproductive tendencies, my occasional dejection and apathy and despondency.

But today that all changes. I will not let myself continue on in angst, in turmoil, in disquitude.

Today, I live.

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